2023-2024 DYS Basketball Rules

All games will follow National Federation of High School (NFHS) Rules with the below exceptions for each division

**Playing Time Rules: Please refer to the playing time policy page**

**Playing time rules are not adjudicated by the referees before, during, or after the game; playing time rule monitoring is the responsibility of the Assistant Coach or Team Manager during the game**


Man-to-Man Defense:

  • Each defensive player is responsible for guarding and moving with one offensive player. This requires the defensive player to move according to the offensive player’s movements with or without the ball.
  • The defensive player must stay on the same side of the court as the offensive player, divided by the rim line.
  • If an offensive player with the ball advances past their defensive player, another defender may rotate to guard that offensive player.


Pressing Defense:  Defensive guarding, either on or off the ball, within the backcourt.


Double-Team/Crowding:  Two or more defensive players guarding a single offensive player.


Relaxed Free Throw:  Shooter must start behind the free throw line; momentum may carry the shooter one step beyond line.  The shooter cannot run in to go after the rebound.


Isolation Play:  Isolation plays are when all offensive players except the ball handler are sent outside of the three-point area during the play.


Reach in steals (Grades 2 – 3):  When an offensive player has possession looking to pass, or is dribbling, the defender cannot reach-in and attempt to steal. IF an offensive player loses possession...fumbles the ball, or dribbles it off foot, etc. it is considered a loose ball and defender can steal it.




Note #1 - Defensive Restrictions (Grades 2 – 3):  All defensive players start inside the three-point arc until the first pass in the front court is made.  First free pass only applies to passes made between half-court and the foul line extended. Passes made inside the free throw line-extended are not restricted.


Note #2 - Inbounds pass (Grades 2 – 3): All dead ball inbounds plays (not after a made basket) taken at half court; free inbounds except if inbounds pass is made below the foul line. Inbounds must be in the front court - no passes into back court.


Note #3 – Overtime: No additional timeouts are granted – timeouts can be carried over if the team has any remaining. Playing time rules do not apply to either overtime period.  Be aggressive - Play to Win the Game!  Additionally, team fouls will be carried over from 4th quarter into overtime to determine shooting bonus.


Penalty for rules violations: 1st offense - Warning Issued.  Subsequent offenses - Team Technical Foul at Referee’s discretion.