High School House Program

Program Overview

The High School House Program is designed for kids in grades 9-12 who do not play for their High School interscholastic teams but want to enjoy a fun, recreational program.  The High School House program is a weekend-only program designed to provide the high school kids residing in the Freedom, Champe,and Lightride school districts with a fun and safe environment to enjoy the game of basketball. Players who participate on interscholastic (High School) Freshmen, JV and Varsity teams during the same program year are not eligible to participate in the SoLo house league program.


Evaluations are done for the high school house league divisions to allow the league to determine the skill level of each player.  We use the evaluation results to help maintain parity within the division(s).  All kids who are registered on time are guaranteed to be placed on a team.  Evaluations are scheduled to take place in late-November/early-December, and players are expected to attend one evaluation session at the designated time.  One make-up session is offered for kids who may have a conflict with the primary evaluation date.

Division Structure/Placement

For boys, we typically divide the High School players into two divisions - JV (9/10) and Varsity (11/12) - based on the current year enrollment.  As registration permits, we further subdivide the leagues into geographic divisions - East (Freedom), Central (Champe) and West (Lightridge) for ease of scheduling and convenience for the players and coaches.

For girls, they typically place in county run HS league run by Central Loudoun Basketball league (CLBL).  Team formation is solely dependant upon current year enrollment.

Player assignments to divisions are done based on an evaluation of the players at the house evaluations conducted at the beginning of each season, as well as a review of the player's experience.  Requests for placement in specific divisions or with specific coaches are not permitted.

In some cases, grade levels may be combined due to low enrollment.

Season and Schedule

The season runs from December through the end of February.  Teams will be formed in early-December and schedule for several practices, plus one scrimmage game prior to the holiday break.  Games will be held on Saturdays and Sundays after the Holiday Break and continuing through mid-February.  The playoffs will begin in late-February and conclude by the first weekend in March.