Travel Team Formation & Process

DYS Basketball forms travel teams in grades 4 – 8. The total number of teams, as well as team composition, will be determined by the DYS Travel Board – all decisions are final.

Those wishing to participate in the travel program must register for our recreational (house) program and participate in preseason evaluations.  Players who receive a qualifying score, in preseason evaluations, will be invited to try out for one (1) of the programs below.

Select (4th grade travel):

Run by DYS where we recruit teams from other local programs to play.

FCYBL (5th grade travel):

We send teams to compete in the Fairfax County Youth Basketball (FCYBL) Travel League. 5th grade teams are typically formed and compete in FCYBL as follows:


FCYBL Division 1: DYS Team 1
FCYBL Division 2: DYS Team 2


FCYBL Division 1: DYS Team 1
FCYBL Division 2: DYS Team 2
FCYBL Division 3: DYS Team 3

Middle School (6th – 8th grade travel):

Teams are formed by Middle School* and compete against other Middle Schools in Loudoun County. Each middle school could have up to five (5) teams to represent their middle school as follows:


Varsity (Typically 7th and 8th Graders)
JV (Typically 6th and 7th Graders)


6th Grade

* Players must meet eligibility requirements (school zone) for the Loudoun Middle School Travel Program to be selected to a team.


As noted above, travel tryouts are by invitation only, and are administered by an independent contractor - Evolution Basketball. DYS Basketball strives to ensure a fair and open process for players to qualify for the travel program. This is an annual, open process – meaning a spot on a team last year does not guarantee a spot on a team the following year.  At least one (1) member of the DYS Travel Board attends each session, and local High School Coaches are invited to observe and consult.

Players must meet the minimum attendance requirement to be eligible for consideration for a spot on a travel team. If there are two (2) tryouts offered for a team, you must attend at least one (1) to be eligible for consideration.  If there are three (3) tryouts offered for a team, you must attend at least two (2) tryouts to be eligible for consideration.  It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you attend every tryout offered.

Exceptions to the minimum attendance requirement are reviewed by the DYS Travel Board for circumstances such as injury, family emergencies, or other special circumstances. Requests for exceptions must be submitted to the DYS Director of Travel.