DYS Cheerleading Coaching

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~What to expect as a Coach~

The DYS Cheer Board strives to make the season as easy and rewarding as possible for coaches.


Requirements: NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Remember, this is a recreational league for fun!!!  We will provide training at the start of the season, a handbook, resources to learn cheers and a private facebook group just for coaches so we can exchange information throughout the year!


Time Commitment: The Cheer Season typically runs Late August through early November.

* Practice days and times are at the discretion of the coach. Practice location is up to the coach, we do not have dedicated practice space.  You may use any outside space at local schools, parks or home locations.


​ * Games: Mid-September-Late October squads will have a Saturday game to cheer.  Squads can choose to cheer full or half games. We will be sending out a scheduling sheet prior to the season to allow coaches to select games that work for their schedule. We understand that people have a lot of commitments so we want to provide maximum flexibility!


​ * Special Events: We hope to bring Youth Sports Night back this year!  This will allow the girls to cheer on a Friday night at a local football game!


Squad Formation:  Our goal is to organize squads based on age and location.  Ideally we will have K-2 Squads, 3-5 grade squads and a Middle School Squad, all organized around their home school cluster.  Based on special requests and siblings there could be exceptions to this.

* We plan to have a head coach and 1-2 assistant coaches per squad.  As well as a junior coach, if one is interested.  We also suggest that you loop in your parents for help! Having 1 or 2 parents you can count on as back-up is a great idea!

* You will be responsible for communicating directly with the parents of the squad.  We have found that a facebook group is an easy way to do that.  It is also a great way to share photos, get to know each other and have a repository of information.  However, you can use any means of communication that works for your group.

Benefits: Of course the main benefit is the rewarding experience of helping the girls learn this fun sport! Watching them grow and develop through the season is amazing.  We also provide some tangible benefits to coaches:

~~10 free raffle tickets ($100), waiver from selling

~~Free professional coaches training

~~Free coaches gear

~~End of season thank you gift.


We could not do this without you and want to express our sincere gratitude to all of the volunteers who coach our DYS Thunder Cheerleaders!


Please email us at cheer@dullesyouth.com with any questions.
Go Thunder!