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Track & Field: Competition Program

Program Overview

Our competition program is designed for athletes ages 8-18 who are committed to their events and plan to participate in meets throughout the season.  While the goal of the program is to instill a love of the sport, these athletes come to practice each day with the goal of setting a new personal record at the next meet.  There are many events in Track and Field and is not just for the fastest athletes.

Event Placement

Athletes are assigned to events based on their experience, endurance, speed, and strength. Most athletes new to the sport will likely be placed in short sprint events until they have built up their endurance and strength for the events for which they are most suited.  As the season progresses, athletes may be encouraged to try new events based on where the coach feels they will be their best.

While many workouts will be done as a team, athletes will be divided throughout the week based on their specific events so emphasis can be placed on developing their endurance, strength, and skill to improve their personal time or distance. All athletes regardless of event will be required to run during practices.  Even if you’re not a track athlete, running is an important part of getting in shape to safely participate in field events.

Please see our FAQ page for more information about events.

Season and Schedule

No practice will be more important than another, but the more you show the more you grow!  The outdoor track and field season will begin April 2.  The spring season will end on May 25 and the summer season could run through the first week of August.  Competitive athletes will practice for one-hour Tuesday through Friday from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm at Lunsford Middle School and will participate in meets most weekends throughout the season. Prior to the first meet, competition athletes may practice on Saturday and/or Sunday at Rock Ridge HS.  Spring season only athletes will have their final meet on May 25.  Athletes who register for the summer season will have the opportunity to qualify for and compete in the AAU Junior Olympics in Greensboro, NC from July 29 - August 3.

Track meets typically start at 8:00 am and could go into the evening hours.  Most of the meets in which we plan to participate are in the DMV and athletes should typically plan to be there for the entire day.  Some meets may span over both Saturday and Sunday.