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Track & Field: Conditioning Program

Program Overview

Our conditioning program is designed for athletes ages 8-18 who are looking to get outside and off the couch and introduce new athletes to track and field.  Many athletes who participate in the conditioning program are registered in another sport and are not able to commit to the competition schedule, while others are simply looking to have fun while being active.

Season and Schedule

No practice will be more important than another, but the more you show the more you grow!  The outdoor conditioning track and field season will run April 2 through May 24.  Conditioning athletes will practice for one-hour 2 weeknights per week in the evenings with the competitive program athletes in the Dulles South area. Athletes can choose which 2 days they want to practice each week between Tuesday and Friday.  All practices will be 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm at Lunsford Middle School and are expected to arrive 10 minutes prior to practice start time to ensure they are ready for warmups when practice starts.

While many workouts will be done as a team, athletes will often have the option to run with sprinters or distance athletes. At some practices, athletes may have the opportunity to throw shot put or javelin.  All athletes regardless of their preferred event will be required to run during practices.

Practice days, times, and locations are dependent upon PRCS scheduling and will be posted at the end of March.