DYS Thunder Volleyball Club Coaches


Head Coach, Tom Begley

Coach Tom played Volleyball for over 30 years at various levels – indoors and out. He was an intramural champion at Fairfield University (they had no men's program). He has played on 6-man USAV Clubs in Connecticut and Virginia, where he mostly played middle and outside hitter. He has played doubles, co-ed doubles, and reverse co-ed doubles on both sand and grass. He went to the US Nationals playing reverse co-ed (and lost badly). He has been coaching club since 2012. He coached in the Loudoun County Youth Volleyball for 5 years, assisted at the high school level, and was the Varsity Volleyball coach at Park View High School from 2017 to 2021. He was Dulles Conference Coach of the Year in 2017. Coach Tom is currently the Freshman Head Coach at Independence HS.

He is IMPACT certified, Head Coaching Certification by Jim Stone, Men's Volleyball Coaching Certification by Pete Hanson and Ben Josephson, and Setter Coaching Certification Level 1  by Christy Johnson Lynch. He has attended Gold Medal Squared Coaching Clinic and the Art of Coaching Volleyball Coaching Clinics. He loves coaching and is always trying to find ways to be a better coach. He brings a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge (and volume) to his teams.

Asst. Coach, Dottie McKillop

Coach Dottie started coaching with her husband, Coach Tom Begley, in the LYV league many years ago and continued to be the head coach of her LYV team; then, officially became an assistant coach for club volleyball 8 years and Park View High School, the past several seasons. She has a daughter who has played Volleyball since middle school and a husband who has always coached, allowing her coaching skills to grow and her love and passion for the game. When she's not coaching, she watches it on TV or in person or discusses Volleyball with her husband. Coach Dottie prides herself on being the volleyball coach 'mom' that everyone knows will be there for them, take care of them, and be the go-to person for any questions or concerns the player's parents may have. She manages the team, records player statistics, and runs work teams and player responsibilities during tournaments. She is IMPACT and CAP I certified.



Club Director/Head Coach, Cris Campbell

Coach Cris is excited to coach the DYS U16 Club Volleyball Team this season. His background in Volleyball includes seven years of coaching at the elementary and middle school levels and several years at the high school level. Coach Cris is currently the Varsity Head Coach at Independence High School. He coached developmental, house, open, travel, and all-star teams with DYS and LYV. He has also coached club volleyball for DYS (formerly DSYS) over the past nine seasons at the U14, U16, and U17 levels and has served on the coaching staff at Freedom High School and Park View High School for two years. He was introduced to Volleyball by his oldest daughter when she was in fifth grade. Although he had never played competitively, he quickly fell in love with the sport and has coached ever since.   Before Volleyball, Coach Cris coached men's club, college (GMU), and high school rugby, winning the Virginia State High School Rugby Championship in 2013

Asst. Coach, Amanda Pena

Coach Amanda graduated from George Mason University and has played Volleyball for many years. Amanda is currently the Freedom High School Varsity Assistant. She played club volleyball at GMU and at the University level while studying in Madrid at La Universidad de Carlos III. She is a graduate of Freedom High School, where she was a member of the volleyball program all four years and was captain of the varsity team her senior year. She is super excited for the season to start! She loves the game and hopes to help strengthen the girls' love for it.



Head Coach, Abby Brewer

Coach Abby is excited to coach the U15s team again this year! Coach Abby is currently the Varsity Assistant Coach at Independence High School and is a 5th-grade teacher at Cedar Lane Elementary School. Prior to coaching, Abby played Volleyball at the high school and club levels. Coach Abby is excited to share her love for the game with players this club season and create an atmosphere where players grow individually and as a team. Coach Abby is looking forward to a great club season ahead!

Ass't Coach, Jodie White

Coach Jodie is excited to be the Assistant Coach for the DYS U15 Club Volleyball team. Her love of volleyball began on the sidelines, where she was always cheering for her daughters. Seven years ago, during the LYV season, she moved from the sidelines to the bench, and she hasn't stopped coaching since!  She is IMPACT and Safesport certified. Coach Jodie’s favorite thing about coaching is creating a supportive, nurturing team environment. Every member of the team, from players, coaches, and parents, understands that they are an integral part of that dynamic and what is expected of them. First, we will have integrity in all of our relationships. We will be kind, supportive, and fierce advocates of each other on and off the court. Secondly, the attitude that we bring to practice and matches is of the utmost importance. We will have good days and bad days, but how we approach practice and each other in those times is what matters. This environment creates space for mistakes to be viewed for what they truly are…learning opportunities that will make us a stronger, smarter team. The smart teams, having fun on the court, are the ones that win in the areas that matter! It is her sincere desire that these lessons cross the end lines of the court and that her players carry these ideals with them through life.

Asst. Coach, Brooke Weber

Picture/Bio to be updated shortly



Head Coach, Adam Olguin

Coach Adam looks forward to coaching the U15s with DYS Thunder this season. Coach Adam has been a Coach in the DYS program for many years, most recently leading the DYS Heat Team for the past two seasons. This will be his first season coaching Club Volleyball. Coach Adam is the Head Coach of the  JV team at Freedom High School. He has also coached at the HS Freshman level. He has coached various sports for the last fifteen years, including baseball, Basketball, and football. Coach Adam believes in putting the team first and that a team is only as good as its weakest link. He is adamant about exhibiting great sportsmanship to officials, parents, and opponents. Win with class and humbleness and lose with grace. He is excited to see players working together as one cohesive unit in the upcoming season.



Head Coach, Chrissy Campbell

Coach Chrissy is looking forward to coaching the U14s at DYS this year. She is currently the JV Head Coach at Stone Bridge High School, and this will be her 2nd year coaching at DYS. Coach Chrissy has experience coaching at all levels of Volleyball. She coached for 3 years for LYV (3rd-8th graders) and 7 years as a Varsity Assistant Coach at Edison and Chantilly High Schools. She grew up in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, where she played Basketball and Volleyball in high school. Coach Chrissy attended the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, where she played Basketball her freshman year, then switched to Volleyball for her sophomore through senior years. After graduation, she moved to Virginia. She continued to play co-ed and women's Volleyball on and off (in between having 2 kids) for the next 15 years. Coach Chrissy has a passion for coaching and wants to share her love and knowledge of the game with her players while instilling confidence and positivity.



Head Coach, Jimmy Kerwin

Coach Jimmy will be the U13 coach for DYS Thunder. This is his 8th year of coaching club volleyball with DYS. He has coached at all levels, U13-U18. Most recently, he and his assistant, Coach Charity, guided their U17 and U18 teams to back-to-back Capital Hill Classic Tournament wins (2022-2023). Before coaching our club teams, he coached our house Volleyball teams for several years. Coach Jimmy is the Varsity Head Coach at Freedom High School. He was also an assistant coach to the Park View Varsity volleyball team in 2019. Coach Jimmy serves as the Operation Chairperson for all DYS Volleyball. Coach Jimmy is Impact and Safe Sport certified through USA Volleyball. Jimmy has completed the Level 1 and Level 2 Art of Coaching Head Coach Certification. "My philosophy concerning coaching is simple in that I focus on player development over winning. My goal is to ensure that your daughter enjoys her club experience while improving her skills, benefiting the team. This does not imply that winning is not important, but when we first focus on player and team development, winning is a by-product of that work".

Asst. Coach, Charity Kerwin

Coach Charity will be the assistant coach for the U13 DYS Thunder. This will be her 8th year of coaching in the club volleyball program. Before coaching at the club level, Coach Charity was a coach in our house program for over nine years. She has coached all levels of club U13-U18 as well as from 3rd and 4th graders to the 7th and 8th-grade teams in our House league. She has also been the head coach of the DYS Rec League All-Star team. Coach Charity is IMPACT and Safe Sport certified. Her goal is to focus on making the girls better volleyball players and better people beyond the confines of the court. She has a passion for Volleyball, but more importantly, she is passionate about ensuring each player's club volleyball experience is positive. She also has a passion for ensuring the players have an opportunity to learn from mistakes or moments when things didn't "go the way you expected or wanted." She believes that attitude is everything. Coach Charity strongly believes in being a good teammate on and off the court.