Registration is Now Open!

Registration will be open from November 24, 2023 to February 18, 2024

Welcome To Dulles Youth Sports 

Travel (HEAT) Volleyball was introduced to bridge the gap between house league play and our competitive club program. Players are selected based on the Spring assessment try-outs for the house league. HEAT players practice and play on regular house teams but assemble and practice together once a week and play against representative teams from other local area volleyball leagues.

HEAT players practice twice a week (once for House, once for HEAT) and normally play twice weekly (one weeknight HEAT match and Saturday house games). Travel is local (usually Chantilly, Centerville, Vienna, etc.). This is a competitive program, and it is intended for those players who are looking for an additional challenge. Our HEAT team from last year competed with our Club Volleyball teams and played against the same local teams in hosted play.

Each team member had 1 weekday practice for House and a  Heat team practice. Below is a sample schedule. The House team practice can be on any weekday except Wednesday.

    • Monday- House team practice
    • Tuesday- HEAT practice
    • Wednesday- HEAT league match (local)
    • Thursday- off
    • Friday- off
    • Saturday- House team games
    • Sunday- off

Besides the regular registration fee per player due at registration for the DYS Spring Volleyball House League, an additional $75 is assessed for selected players who accept an offer to join the HEAT program. The extra cost covers travel league registration fees and the HEAT team uniforms.


Coaching Clinics for Volleyball are offered periodically throughout the year, particularly leading up to house league assessments. As a local, volunteer, community-based organization, we are always looking for new coaches who want to connect with their kids through coaching, reconnect with the sport they played, or just give back to the community. You provide the passion; we'll provide the training.

Although it may feel intimidating initially, coaching is a fun and rewarding experience. As coaches, we provide an environment in which players:

    • can experience constant incremental improvement in technical volleyball skills
      can learn to be a good sport and teammate
    • can gain confidence in a safe and nurturing environment
    • can experience the principles of a growth mindset
    • can develop a lasting love for the sport of volleyball

The success of our coaches is not based on a winning or losing record. Instead, we measure success in the improvement of the players and the team and the enjoyment of the experience. We believe that winning is a byproduct that will follow these core values.

If interested in coaching, register here.