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Skin infection evaluation and treatment form ~ Click Here

This form is required to be filled out by a certified medical professional when a skin infection is identified in order to participate in wrestling practices and tournaments.
The form must be shown to the person in charge of such practices and tournaments to participate.
Important notes to parents, coaches, and wrestlers

Information outlined on this website should not be considered as official medial advice. It is only here as guidance to provide basic information learned from other wrestlers and volunteer parents during their experiences in youth sports.

Don't drink out of the same water bottles.
Wipe exposed parts of the body after wrestling matches, practices, and tournaments.
Wipe neck, ears, arms, face, and legs.
Use antibacterial wipes to clean skin, hands, and face.
Wash clothes after practices and tournaments.
Wash and scrub scalp, hairline, and ears.
Wipe or spray head gear and wrestling shoes with Lysol.
Cover or remove wrestling shoes to enter rest rooms
Spray inside of shoes with anti fungal sprays to prevent athletes foot.
Some suggested antifungal soaps online ~ Click Here
Skin infection information:

Skin infections are common in youth sports including but not limited to athletes foot, ringworm, impetigo, and more.
Trainers and tournament directors have the right to deny wrestlers from practices or tournaments upon inspection of skin infections pending proof of medical treatment from proper medical personnel or physicians.
Each skin infection type may require different types of treatment.
RingwormWhat is Ringworm and Athlete's Foot ~ Click Here
Treatment: typically apply over the counter Lotrimin specific for antifungal and ringworm for several days.
ImpetigoWhat is Impetigo ~ Click Here
Treatment: see physician.
StaphWhat is Staph ~ Click Here
Treatment: see physician.
​Herpes Facial Cold Sores​What is it ~ Click Here
Treatment: see physician.​​
​Molluscum Contagiosum​What is it ~ Click Here​

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More Helpful Skin Infection Information

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